Our first week just flew by!

I can’t believe we have already been open a week this Thursday! We’ve had such a wonderful response. So many people have stopped by asking questions, booking appointments, bringing their pets in to meet us or just dropping in with their pet for that great first experience with us. The oohs and ahhs as they stroke that soft coat on their shepherds to the awwwws when they see their little yorkie clipped up cute are really fun to watch. We love the comments!

Also, there have been many comments on our ‘Showcase Grooming’.As you drive by, be sure to check out our big picture window. You may see one of the very large standard poodles there being scissored. They love the attention and seem to enjoy people watching as much as the people enjoy ‘poodle watching’.

Thank you all for the continuing excitement you have shown about The Turquoise Poodle. We love being here to service your pets and you!