The Deming Detail Special

There has been a lot of buzz about The Turquoise Poodle’s special called ‘The Deming Detail’ so I thought I’d explain it here. For all our current grooming customers, we offer the Deming Detail special inbetween grooming appointments. If your dog has had a full grooming – including a clip – then you qualify to have your dog bathed and blown dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and teeth cleaned at any time – and as often as you’d like – for 1/2 the price of your grooming! That means if your poodle cost you $25 to groom, for 12.50 you can have a Deming Detail. What a great deal and a great way to keep your pet smelling, looking and above all feeling his best! (It also helps me keep those pesky matts from starting in those beautiful coats your pets have). OK, so now we all understand that, keep in mind you can usually just have this service on a “walk-in” basis. Soooo, while you go shopping in town or out to lunch Fido can spend a bit of time at the spa and you’ll both go home happy :-) Happy Detailing!!