The Spa Experience

I am sure many of you are wondering what exactly is a “spa experience” for my pet. Let me enlighten you on this aspect. And, keep in mind, this is for all pets from the toy poodle in your lap to the Great Pyrenees guarding your flock out back.

I am sure you know in your dogs life there are many mud puddles to play in, things to roll in and generally things we humans don’t understand that they love. Some dogs really enjoy the grooming experience, but many only tolerate it. I am here to change that!

Through experience, I have found all dogs love their baths when a soothing massage with warm conditioners or oils are involved. We take our time on your pet’s bathing and conditioning process. Our main shampoo, Touch of Mink-Mink Sheen, is a non detergent conditioning shampoo that gives a wonderful feel and fragrance naturally to your dog’s coat. With two warm water suds ups, your pet has the chance to relax and enjoy the massage and bath. We make sure they enjoy their time in the tub. And, of course, Frank Sinatra and friends will be crooning for their relaxing experience.

Once they are clean and conditioned, we have 3 different dryers – one for even the most nervous pet. We have one heat dryer for the pet who loves to be warm and requires each hair be perfectly fluffed, one powerful air dryer for those who like the feel of the wind on their body (much like that “head out the window” experience many dogs love) which removes all that dead hair and a quieter, softer dryer for those pets whose favorite part of the experience is not being dried. Pets are always hand dried to perfection and never cage dried.

All grooming always includes ear cleaning (plucking if breed appropriate), nail trimming and filing, anal expression (just ask, we’ll explain), teeth brushing and breed appropriate hand scissor finishing. You will never pay extra for things we feel should be part of every groom. By request, we will even add a bow to your pet.

And, of course, we have to offer those “extras”. We do have a fun doggie hair gel we can use to dye your dog’s coat. It is temporary and completely safe for your pet. Yes, Virginia, there IS a Turquoise Poodle! There are dog specific nail polishes we can use to give your pet that perfect paw look. (Even the at home dog looks more formal with nails painted black – and we can add silver or gold glitter to that for special occasions).

Your pet is always welcome to come in between appointments for nail clips and filing. Keeping up with those nails helps him move better as he chases those toys around the living room or the sheep in the back 40.

Stop in, have a cup of tea and let’s talk about what experience you would like to see your pet have here at The Turquoise Poodle!